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Shipping and Returns

Which all countries do you ship to?

We ship to virtually all the counties in the world.

Can I ship different items in my order to different shipping addresses?

Of course! You have paid the money so you can ask us to deliver wherever you want.Just drop us a mail quoting your order number. Please mention clearly in the mail which item you want to get delivered to which address.

How long will it take to arrive my order?

For USA, the order will take around 15-30 calendar days to reach.Expedited Shipping will take 4-7 days to reach

For Europe, the order will take around 15-25 calendar days to reach

For others, the order will take around 20-35 calendar days to reach Also, during the holidays and Christmas season there might be an additional delay of 7-10 days due to heavy rush of items at customs and mail office.

When do you dispatch the order?

All orders are dispatched within 2-3 business days of receiving them. In case, you need them to be dispatched the next day, please let us know. We will try to dispatch it on next day.

I was on vacation / out of home when the products came to my home so I couldn’t receive them. What do I do now?

If you are not available at the time of delivery, the postal person will leave a notice at your place indicating on how you can arrange for a re-delivery or pickup. Please collect the parcel within 15 days of the time it reaches your location or else it will get returned to us. Normally the postal department will try to attempt delivery 3 times before they return the shipment to us.

What happens if it gets returned to you?

We will ship it one more time, free of cost. So please make sure that you receive it the second time.However If you don’t receive even the second time as well, we will ship it again for a charge of 10 USD.

I gave a wrong address while placing the order. Now what?

Please check the mail which we have sent confirming the order. If you want delivery at a different address, just drop us a mail quoting your order number and the correct address. We will ship to the address you have mentioned.

You have shipped the product and now I have realized that the address is wrong? What will happen now?

The shipment will be returned to us stating that it was undeliverable as addressed. Once we receive the parcel back, we will ask you for the correct address. At that time you can provide the right address and we will ship it again.

Who pays the custom duties?

Each country's custom duties are different and it is customer's responsibility to clear any custom dues arising out of orders.It is difficult for us to keep track of individual country's customs duties and also expensive for us to pay and then charge you. It it always cheaper if the customer pays the duties himself/herself

I want to return the products I purchased. What do I do ?

Just drop us a mail and you are done. You don't have to do anything except that. We will manage everything else. 

Will you charge me anything if I returned a product ?

No, You wont have to pay anything. You will get your full money back instantly and we will bear the return shipping, if any.So, please don't worry :)

Is there a time frame in which you will accept returns ?

Yes. We request you to raise the return request with us within 15 days of order date.If you do that, you will get your full money back.After 15 days, we will not be able to accept returns.