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About Us

What we do

At The Harem Studio, we have always believed in creating something which brings style, elegance and comfort together and our products reflects that spirit truly.We control the end-to-end process of manufacturing of all of our products, right from sourcing of Fabric to packaging and Shipping.

Our products are natural, craft based, contemporary, and affordable.We celebrate comfort, and endeavor to bring all things comfortable to customers around the world.

Our product range includes a vast selection of comfort clothing i.e. harem pants, skirts, yoga pants etc.We have the harem pants for everyone in the family i.e. Men, Women and Kids. Our versatile range of skirts and tops are loved by one and all.

Management Team

Disha Yadav

Disha Disha is the owner of The Harem Studio. She handles Product Design, Product  Sourcing and Marketing activities.

 She has 7 years of rich experience across various product design activities.