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Whats so hot about harem pants

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This is the official blog of THS - Your One Stop guide for all things that are there about harem pants,skirts , yoga pants and comfortable clothing.


1. What makes a great harem pant and why you should have one ( at least )

If you already know about harem pants, then great otherwise you can head here to know what they are.

What are the things you should look when buying a harem pant :

a) The pants should have an elastic waist band - You don't want a harem pant to be your official wear, do you ? So, it should be as comfortable as possible and elasticity bring a great amount of comfort.

b) The pants should have pockets - Now we don't go out empty handed, do we ? It is essential that your harem pants have some pockets in which you can keep your keys, wallet, small coins etc.

c) The pants should be sturdy - They will be used roughly and should hold up to your rigor.

d) The cloth should be nice - You should be able to wear the same pats for days and yet the cloth should feel soft on the skin


Now that we know that we to look for when buying a harem pants,the next question is why should have one in the first place ? You should always get a harem pant if -

a) You travel a lot - They are awesome for travel

b) You are a yoga / fitness freak - Harem Pants are great for yoga / exercise movements

c) You like to lounge around comfortably - They are airy and offers great width of movements

So, basically whatever you like / do, a harem pant can fit right in your schedule.once you wear these, you are going to wear them forever.



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