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3 Things to consider while buying MC Hammer Pants

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The baggy, drop-crotch, parachute-style pants made memorable by MC Hammer are back. MC hammer pants are an upcoming fashion trend. The best part about this style is that with a few changes to shoes and accessories, they can be perfect for the office, a date, or just lounging around the house. Some may be hesitant to wear such a bold pant, or feel unsure about what to pair them with, but there are many different options and looks you can create. The appeal of a hammer pant as part of a workout look is comfort first and foremost. Because they’re loose and unstructured, they’re very forgiving and easy to move in, ideal for yoga practice, barre class, or dance cardio. Here are the 3 things you must consider before buying a hammer pant:

MC Hammer Pants Mens Harem Pants 


1:   Hammer pants are the new norm in the fashion world. While buying a hammer pants, you have to be careful with what you pick, what you need is the very best! You should select the style of the fabric carefully. Try going for cotton and other delicate fabrics that let the pants drape in all the right spots. Cotton hammer pants are the ideal option for most of the people. If it seems like the fabric may easily wrinkle, search for a different pair. These pants already have a casual vibe because of their fit, so it is important to find fabric that will stay wrinkle-free.


2:  Hammer pants that sag in the centre halfway down your legs are not flattering on most people. Find the size that fits you well. Do not spoil the fun of wearing these pants by going oversize. They are best worn if they fit well. There are all sizes for women from petite, small, medium, large and extra large. Whatever size you choose, make sure the drop crotch does not go below your mid thigh.


3:  Hammer pants come in just about every color, style, and pattern. Pattern and colors are very important to consider while buying a hammer pant. These pants come in all styles and colors. There is virtually everything for everyone. For plus size ladies, the dark colors and plain patterns are more preferable. For petite ladies, the bright colors with print patterns will augur well with their bodies. If you are choosing something casual, warm colors and fun patterns will be the best option. For those looking for official outfits, solid prints and dull colors are the best choices.

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