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3 outfits to wear with Black Harem Pants

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 Harem Pants are loose fitting fabric and comes in various patterns and designs.  Harem pants are baggy long pants that are really baggy all the way to the bottom but they fit well right at the ankles. They originated from south Asia and now they are known as fashion icon around the world. They are often tied at the ankles using ribbon or a separate piece of fabric. The secret to wearing harem pants is in the fit. Make sure they aren't too baggy, but you also don't want them skin tight. Black colour goes with everything so here are 3 things that you could wear with black harem pants:


Black Harem Pants, Mens Harem Pants


1:  Harem pants are the pants that are very loosely fit and made of soft fabric. Harem pant also provides the ability to adapt, offering women an item that can easily transition from the sizzling hot days of summer to the cool crispness of fall. Our favorite way to sport a pair is with a simple fitted tank top that contrasts the colour of the pants. Black harem pants always looks good with tank tops. For casual look, style your black harem pants with a tank top. Select a nice harem pant in black colour and wear it with a tank top. White tank tops always look good with black harem pants.


2:  White tee with black harem pants always look attractive. For a really casual street look that is suitable for causal friend’s gathering and grocery shopping, you can simply wear a white t shirt and black harem pants. Tees in neutral colours like white or cream will definitely match with black colour harem pants. This creates a casual and yet classy look which works best for taller girls. White t-shirts with black harem pants are in fashion these days and they also look very trendy and sexy while wearing them.


3: Now for harem pants, you can get two kinds of edgy with it. First off, you could opt for the refined and sleeker kind of edgy with tailored leather jackets and silk fabrics. Adding a black leather jacket to classic black harem pant can give you not only a new look, but it can bring a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe. Leather jacket and harem pants, an outfit you can even wear to college, to work or even for a simple day out with friends or family. This outfit will make you look good and trendy at the same time.



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