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3 Different Types of Harem Yoga Pants You Should Own

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The harem yoga pants are mixture of Arabic and Indian pants to get the flowy pants that are now ultra- modern. Harem yoga pants are baggy pants tapered at the ankle, with side flaps on the hip that button at the waist area. If you are a yoga enthusiast, you know that you need to be able to move freely. Yoga calls for a lot of physical movements and flexibility, and so you need clothing which allows this freedom of movement. And Harem yoga pants are a perfect match for that. Sometimes known as bohemian pants these pants bring stylish and comfort to both your exercising and everyday life with their bright patterns, lightweight, breathable fabrics and their unbelievably comfortable design. They can be worn doing just about anything. They’re lightweight enough to allow plenty of airflows to keep you cool, and are roomy enough to allow your body plenty of room to move. There are many different types and styles of harem yoga pants out there. But if you are fan of harem pants, you should definitely own there 3 types of harem yoga pants:




Mandala style: You can hit the mats in one of these gorgeous Mandala inspired yoga pants. Loose pull-on harem pants have side patch pocket and elastic waist and cuff. These harem pants can work well for a casual day, but they can also be worn for a dressy occasion and they are perfect for doing yoga. These pants can be paired up with a white buttoned down shirt or a tailored jacket for more of a sophisticated look, or a sequined top to add some funk to the outfit.



Samurai style: Perfect harem pants for any occasion - home, yoga class, or a night out. Allows total freedom of movement without restrictions. Samurai style harem pants are minimalist in design, yet highly practical and comfortable. With the signature 2 large deep side pockets, you don't even need a separate bag for your daily stroll. The unique shape of the pants promotes airy feel and agility for wearers who seek optimum mobility and comfort. These are also performance pants that are perfect for Yoga, martial arts, dancing, etc. So these eye catching pants will be your best friend in just about anything your love to do.



Drop Crotch style: Drop crotch harem pants are Comfortable and very fashionable at the same time. It has a stretchable waistband, side pockets and a drop-crotch, this loose fitting pant lets you stretch to the max and do your yoga in comfort. The comfy, full-length bottom simply makes it more wow. Add a pair of extravagant sneakers and you are ready to go.




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